Hosted by Mikey Famine, Big Hass & Jasen Dutch

Mikey is a gamer, NBA fan, and Revolutionary Humanist. A resident of the Chicago Suburbs originally from St. Louis, Mikey is a bit of a comic book nerd, loves astronomy and philosophy, and is an outspoken atheist. Mikey is the producer extraordinaire of DoA.

Jasen Dutch, the show's host, is a big Cubs & Blackhawks fan, has degrees in organizational development and religious studies & is a bit opinionated. A progressive libertarian, former Republican, and avid poker player, Dutch lives in the Central Valley of California. Dutch identifies as Christian, but opposes the politics of the evangelical church at large.

Co-host and analyst Big Hass holds an MBA in Business (marketing) & is a licensed personal trainer, a cigar aficionado & a community activist who's passion is shining a light on issues important to POC. Big Hass, an agnostic theist, lives in the Chicagoland area.

These 3 outspoken history buffs come together from 3 different time zones to talk about all the craziness going on in the world around us & try to make a little sense out of the nonsense....

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About Dig on America

Dig on America (DoA Podcast) is a socio-political podcast. Each week we live stream (generally on Wednesday nights) and give you "The Dig" on an event in American history, politics, policy and sometimes pop-culture.  We then discuss how this event affects American social issues today.  We interview great guests, review authentic history, and offer discourse and commentary.  We do this while managing to have a lot of fun at the same time.  Join the live stream on YouTube, Twitch, or Twitter and get involved or find the audio replay on any podcast app!
Most likely, DoA is a Deep State propaganda arm funded by George Soros, The Clinton Foundation, Jay-Z, etc.
Cigar Reviews

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Cigar Reviews 

If you love cigars, we feature a different cigar review every week, hosted by Big Hass himself!  During the Hass' Humidor segment, Hass will talk about his crazy pairings of cigars, drinks + some rather eyebrow-raising food pairings such as cupcakes & Jack Daniels.  You never know what he's about to indulge in...

Prank One, Marry One, Snap One

Our guests play a game with us based on the traditional version, but with a unique DoA twist, minus the vulgarity and death.  Plus we play "4 Down Territory" with each guest, asking them 4 random questions to get to know them before we start to talk.

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